Monday, February 14, 2011

Great White Shark at La Jolla Cove Part 1

Part I:  Great White sited at La Jolla Cove

Someone thinks they saw a Great White at La Jolla Cove.  Most people in the rush of adrenalin when they see a shark underwater need to change their wet suit as soon as possible.  Ha, but really where is the video or the still photo to prove this?  I have been diving La Jolla cove since 1967 and know for sure that I have seen a big bad Great White only two times.  In both cases they swam away from the scene very fast. 

I suspect it was probably a Seven Gil as these have become visitors over the past two years to the Cove.  One individual I saw up close and personal was as long as 10 feet.  These are easily distinguishable from the more common visitors like the Soup Fin (Tope) and Blue Sharks (when the Barracuda come in)

Actually, the scariest shark I ever saw there was a Mako about 12-14 feet long on the very outside edge of the outer reef in 1997.  I was with four of my Diving Physics and Physiology students from San Diego State University doing their last check out dive.  The monster came parallel to us a 30 foot visibility day on the outside, make a wide slow turn then came point on point towards me.  Of course, I was in the lead and you could not mistake the curled long twisting style teeth distinctive for a Mako.  I can say without a doubt that this was the highest my heart rate ever became on any dive in my 44 years of diving.

As this big boy was coming in on me what do you think I did ?

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