Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great White at La Jolla Cove Part II

Great White sited at La Jolla Cove:  Part II

This freak'n big Mako has made his long slow turn and is coming point on point to me.  The four students are two by two behind me.  My hands were at my side.  So, when the shark was about 5-8 feet from me I kick towards him as hard as I could with a deep inhale, blew out a full breath of air in his direction. and thrusted my arms forward as if to grab him. 

He made a hard right in front of us and vanished into the blue in a second.  We turned to 220 degrees for the lifeguard shack 500 yards away with about 1800 psi left and hugged the bottom all the way back in.  We never saw our toothed friend again.  On surfacing inside the Cove my divers were all about, "Wow." "That was a huge shark," "What kind was it?" and then everyone grew silent until up on the grass.  Maybe we were thinking how lucky we were.  But, I was thinking,  " that is something these kids will never forget " 

Really, when I am eaten by a shark I want it to be a Great White and not a Mako, Mako's are messy and have poor table manners.  Next blogg a new true story from the Cove :)  Rod


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