Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unconfirmed Shark bite in La Jolla

Here is the way the story should have been reported by our media:  In La Jolla Monday June 6, 2011 a spear Fisherman, ( no scuba ) straps bloody fish that he speared to his weight belt while spear fishing between Boomers and Casa Cove. A Sevengill shark happens to notice the juicyness of the skin divers catch. Much like an accomplished Sommelier, he decides to test the object of his desire with a gentle toothy grab (normal for such a gourmet) . In the process he finds neoprene not to his taste. Before he can examine the bloody catch any further the spear fishmans stupid buddy put a spear in the poor sharks flesh. So, the beautiful toothy friend of mine and many divers is now either dead, near death, or running around with an unatural amount of metal in his body. The Skin diver who invited disaster did not have a molecule of flesh broken during the entire encounter and only needs to repair a few toothy tares in his wet suit. The shark gets high intelligence points for patience and wanting to taste test before dining. The guy with the bloody fish strapped to his hips gets to try again for the Darwin award. ScubaRod

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